Sunday, May 16, 2010


  Not much going on here.  Working on the Hibiscus block and taking the Close to My Heart Training Academy Classes.  Spent Friday with my friend Diane Judy.  We were at her house scrapbooking.  We finished one layout from a previous day and started another two page layout and I finished mine....don't know about Diane's though.
  Been reading my "Hearing From God Daily" devotional on my Kindle.  I am surprised how I am keeping up with it though.  God is in the business of doing miracles.  I am bad about starting stuff and leaving them for a time before I finish.  I am not proud of is kind of sad really.
  With my Hibiscus block, I'll have two classes.  One for Phyllis @ Quilts by Phyllis on June 26th I believe and one for the TM's @ Toyota.  I can't wait because I really like to teach.
  I guess that is it for now. Piece, Carolyn

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