Thursday, April 29, 2010


   This is my first encounter at trying Sashiko.  Oh, I loved it!  I am going to be working on another pillow with an applique and I can see Sashiko finishing it off.
  I finished my business card with my Daughter Caitlin's help and it looks very nice.  I was hoping to have my Long arm so that I could do custom quilting for customers but I am still waiting on the Lord.  So, I will teach beginning quilting, applique and beginning piecing.  The money I make off the classes will be put towards savings for a Long Arm. 
  I am going to add in an ad for a Kindle.  I have one and I love it!!!  My uncle in Dallesport, WA just got his in the mail today.  He called and left a voice mail and sounded so excited!  I remember when I opened my presents and one was the Kindle!  Wow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

  Here is my Uncle Eddie's quilt that I've been working on.  I am machine quilting it on my domestic and going to use it on my business cards. My daughter Caitlin, is taking a block from this quilt and doing her "magic" so it'll make a nice picture on my cards.  I can't wait.
  I'll start having beginning piecing and beginning applique classes soon so who ever is interested please let me know.  I can't wait.  I am getting so excited.  If you didn't know it, Quilting is my favorite, then Reading, then Scrapbooking.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scrapbook Cabinet

Here is a couple of pictures of a cabinet that my husband Jamie brought home for me for my studio.  You can't tell real well, but there are scratches and rust in a lot of places.  This is just the right thing for my Scrapbook paraphernalia.  I decided to paint it to match the back wall of my Studio which is a dark burgundy.

Now here she is in her rightful place stuffed with CTMH supplies and my Copic Markers.  I don't have all the Copic Markers yet.  The cabinet is in two pieces; the top with sliding doors and the bottom with two drawers.  My Studio still needs some TLC and she is still one of the newest addition's for our house.  She is not completely finished but she is mine.
  Now to begin quilting lessons.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Copic Class - Almost Heaven Scrapbookking

  Isn't he cute?  This is a Copic class at Almost Heaven Scrapbooking.  I took the class yesterday and it's my second class.  It's painting with Copic Markers and boy did I have fun.  I think there were 8 of us there taking the class with a wonderful instructor, Laura Clonch.
  This is the finished card that I finished last night and will be sending out West to one relative or 3.  I have really wonderful relatives out there in Washington and Oregon.
   This is a square Chop key taught by Rami Kim on "The Quilt Show".
  This is a hexagon Chop Key.  I went looking for one of her books and I guess after the show they all sold out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hawaiian Applique Pillow

  Ok, first I looked up colors of Hibiscus to see what I'd like.  But of course I chose something different.  I am using a black "mottled" background and wanted my flower to "pop".  So I chose a Orange Batik.

  Here is the fabric getting auditioned.  I traced my flower petals on Mylar and cut them out.  Then I use the frame to position over fabric til I get the desired petal with color combination.
  Now I am ready to needle turn them down to my background.  What you see is the placement template laying onto the pillow fabric for petal placement.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Up and at it again

  Here are a couple of pictures of stuff that I've been working on.  The Tulip Mouse is from a beginners Copic Class that was held in Charleston WV @ Almost Heaven Scrapbooking with Laura Clonch.  I had so much fun!  I've always wanted to learn to draw and paint and this is painting with markers using a stamp.

The Grandma's Flower Garden block is one of my UFO's.  I really need to finish them.  I chose 1930's prints to look like feed sack because I've always wanted one.  And a while back, I was blessed to receive a feed sack quilt that was passed to me by my husbands uncle.  It was made by my husbands Great grandma.  I'll have to send a picture and how I actually got it in another blog......until next time.
Piece,  Carolyn

Friday, April 9, 2010

Perfect Baby Quilt

  I think I finally found it....
  A cute baby quilt by Aunt Grace: Marcus Brothers Fabrics.  It is designed by Judie Rothermel and looks cute as a bug.  It looks pretty easy too.  I'll be able to get it to the mother soon if I start it......?
I put on my blog because: for Christmas I got it as a gift after much MUCH kidding:) and I absolutely LOVE it.  I carry it with me everywhere.  It is also great for the college student because what they read, they can highlight what they need and make notes and will print off all there notes.  I would like to check out the ipad too.  A lot more money though.  I guess I'll really have to check it out.
  Here is a picture of my cat Minnie watching The Quilt Show with me in my studio.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How many things will I start?

Hello Everyone!
Wow, I thought I'd try the "Blog" again. So, I tried the "Blog" thing last year and when things didn't go according to plan...I gave it up. So, here is to a new start.
I've been dreaming of a Longarm quilting machine..sigh. Maybe one of these days. I was hoping to get one and have a small business on the side and then when I retire, I'll have something to fall back on. I know that I'd just love it.....quilting for others.
So, while I am waiting for the LA, I've joined CTMH! Diane Judy is my up-line and above her is Christine Adams. Love Love Love them both. Also started with the Copic Markers. I've always wanted to paint and felt I didn't have the creative juices so to speak so I took up piecing and quilting. I do not regret a minute of it. With the Copic Markers, they make it look like you are a professional painter and let me tell you.....I need all the help I can get.
Since I have no Longarm as of yet, I've been doing my quilting on my domestic. I hope to have some pictures up so if they don't show up have patience with me and I will rectify my boo boo.
Piece ( as in quilting ),