Thursday, April 29, 2010


   This is my first encounter at trying Sashiko.  Oh, I loved it!  I am going to be working on another pillow with an applique and I can see Sashiko finishing it off.
  I finished my business card with my Daughter Caitlin's help and it looks very nice.  I was hoping to have my Long arm so that I could do custom quilting for customers but I am still waiting on the Lord.  So, I will teach beginning quilting, applique and beginning piecing.  The money I make off the classes will be put towards savings for a Long Arm. 
  I am going to add in an ad for a Kindle.  I have one and I love it!!!  My uncle in Dallesport, WA just got his in the mail today.  He called and left a voice mail and sounded so excited!  I remember when I opened my presents and one was the Kindle!  Wow.

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  1. Lovely sashiko work! Good luck with your teaching. ;)