Friday, April 9, 2010

Perfect Baby Quilt

  I think I finally found it....
  A cute baby quilt by Aunt Grace: Marcus Brothers Fabrics.  It is designed by Judie Rothermel and looks cute as a bug.  It looks pretty easy too.  I'll be able to get it to the mother soon if I start it......?
I put on my blog because: for Christmas I got it as a gift after much MUCH kidding:) and I absolutely LOVE it.  I carry it with me everywhere.  It is also great for the college student because what they read, they can highlight what they need and make notes and will print off all there notes.  I would like to check out the ipad too.  A lot more money though.  I guess I'll really have to check it out.
  Here is a picture of my cat Minnie watching The Quilt Show with me in my studio.

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