Thursday, July 7, 2011

Online Card Class Week 2

Here is another card I made for the Online Summer Card Class.  It's a very simple card.  I think I might add it to the Outlawz as a CAS card also.
  I need to make this short as I am getting everything ready to go on vacation and I'm helping my youngest daughter move today!
  Have fun creating and being creative!


  1. Carolyn, you better add it at The Outlawz for a chance to win the prize from Oozak, SCACD, or Gilli Rubber Stamps! :D I think this card is great! I love the color combos @camp, but I'm so behind on everything else that I just watch the vids and browse the gallery...

  2. Fabulous CAS card. I love the bright cheerful cardstock.

  3. Hi Carolyn;

    Super cute card! it is simple but with just the right touch!

    Thanks for visiting my blog; you know I am not in any classes but you are so right...same colors...hehehe


  4. Have a lovely holiday. Wonderful card. I especially love what you did with the label. Must remember to try that.

  5. I am TOTALLY Loving Summer Camp and have been working on new cards every day!! I have to admit that the new colors are more of a challenge (this week), but I love that it makes me 'think' out of the box!!

    You cards are all wonderful and it's good to see you at The Outlawz and also in Camp!

    :) ENJOY!!


  6. PS: Did you know that you have WORD Verification Turned ON, on your blog?