Friday, June 11, 2010

Close To My Heart Convention

We are off to Convention on the 6th of July!  I am really excited.  We are to make gifts for the other ladies that we are rooming with.  I was undecided because I really didn't know what to make that would be pleasing.  So, I came up with a super idea that I know no-one else will give.  I am excited about the gifts too.  I can't show a picture yet because it's a surprise!
I am also excited about going because I've never been to Washington DC either.  And, there are also stores for my other passion of quilting!  So it is a win win situation for me.  I think I'll take a few hours and go quilt fabric shopping!  I love visiting other quilt shops and maybe I'll google and see if there is an "Archivers" in the DC area also.
  I'll put another link to the Kindle site.  I really love my Kindle and if you are an avid reader you'll get one too!

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  1. awww, Im glad you're so excited! I love when you have such great opportunities to do things in your life that you love. have fun, momma. I'll miss you when you're gone though!!