Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is on my workdesk?

Hello All,
  I'm trying to work in my studio on my current project and my kitty keeps climbing up on my desk and getting into my photo box!
  She, her name is Bunny, is forever into things!  She likes to knock over my alcohol inks, picks out my sewing needles out of the pin cushion and swat them around on the floor, chew my pencils and roll my copic markers around!
  Here Bunny is finally relaxing!  Maybe I can get some work done.  No pictures will be taken for awhile yet I guess lol.
  Have fun crafting and creating!


  1. What a precious little furbaby!!

  2. How funny, and not funny at the same time! I love cats, but am rather glad I don't have any right now. It would drive me insane to have them into all of my craft stuff! :^)

  3. That is so funny!! Bunny looks so much like a cat I use to have, Bailey..she was a sweet heart too. Thanks for your sweet comment:)

  4. Too cute! Beautiful Easel and love your gorgeous Magnolia card with the pretty butterfly and flowers, take careX:)

  5. Yes I have the same problem!