Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cats and Kindle's don't mix!

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  Well, I had to order a new Kindle from Amazon.  It seems that my daughters cat jumped onto my Kindle and broke the screen.  What a bummer.  But, Amazon, truly the best, gave me an awesome deal.  If I return my damaged Kindle, they'll debit my account with $75 towards a new Kindle!  So, I got my new Kindle for only $70.98 that is with shipping and everything!  How wonderful is that company?  They even foot the cost of the return and shipped out my new Kindle before I even shipped them my old one.  What company will do that for you?
  So, I am expecting it tomorrow! And I cannot wait for it to come so I can finish "Spider Bones" by Kathy Reichts.
  One of the good things I love about my Kindle is that you can "try" a book before you buy.  You can download a sample and read a few chapters before they ask if you'd like to buy the book!  Love that feature!

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