Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am finished!

  Ok, I scrap lifted from Tim Holtz.  The man is incredible!  He is so talented.  The tag on the left is for Caitlin.  She likes it when I make her a book mark.  She has already put in a request for Valentines day for goodness sake!  The one on the right is mine...don't ask what I'll do with it because I've not a clue.
   PRAISE HIM!  I AM FINISHED WITH IT!  And everyone ( U. Ed ), says "AMEN"!  I've been at this quilt FOREVER.  Well, it seems like forever.  I got stuck on the border and didn't like the pattern I chose to finish it and didn't want to pick it up again.  AND, I'll never ever tell someone I'm making them a quilt.  I'll let them be surprised if I ever do this again.  I don't like the pressure it puts on me.  I just need to remember that motto.
  Well, anywho, all we have to do is mail it out.  It is boxed and ready to ship.


  1. Thank you...as I said, it took me forever.

  2. Gorgeous quilt!! I have a huge stash of material and a few unfinished quilts waiting for me to bring out the machine again. I can see why it took a while to do this one but... it was definitely worth the wait!