Monday, June 27, 2011

Card? What Card?

  OK, don't ya know I don't have any pictures to show you?  That's because I done and tore it all apart!  I was going to send it in to Pricillastyles and was trying to make it in to the deadline.  But, when I finished the card, it looked like crap.  Trust me, it did not look good at all!  So, I guess I'll wait until the next challenge and see what I can salvage from this disaster.
  So, anyhoo, I have a partial card and a Magnolia girl ready for a card.  The card is a red, white and blue design and hopefully there will be a challenge out there for me to enter it into.
  I also have a desire to do a Blog Candy.  I did an earlier post about it, but no one responded.  I'd like to give away the candy at 200 Followers.  
  OK, well, I snuck in a few of my studio.  When it was clean (of course).  Can't have you seeing it when it is dirty!
  I quilt and do my scrapbooking in my studio.  I LOVE it.  It is my sanctuary.  I'd love to see everyone else's scrap rooms or studios.
  Well, that is  it for now.


  1. What a great place to create!!I love all the natural light you have at your desk. Love it all and tfs!!

  2. I love your studio. What a great space!! Hey everyone loves a blog candy!!!

  3. Great space! Love that cabinet in the left in the bottom pic!


  4. I seriously doubt you made a bad card! I'm bringing my Copics over and moving into your studio, okay? :D