Tuesday, August 24, 2010

  I've been feeling pretty bad about my slacking in the quilting dept. of my life.  The picture above is the quilt I'd been working on for my husbands Uncle Eddie.  I've not worked on it in months and the only things left are quilting the border and then adding on the binding.  I think I've burned myself out for a while :(.  I miss my quilting activities but just haven't felt like doing anything.
  So, I tried working on other blocks.  To no avail.  So what is my problem?  My question is this:  do other artists go thru this same process?  I miss my creative streaks with my fabric that is for sure.  I am hoping something starts a fire under me and soon.  But... right now, even if I wanted too, I can't manipulate the fabric of this quilt due to my broken clavicle.  I think the other obstacle is the design of the quilting for the border....I am not happy with what I chose but it seemed to be the best choice at the time.  I got one whole side quilted so UN-stitching it would require a lot of time.  Maybe that is my problem.....I don't want to fall to the old "stipple" routine.  I wanted something besides a "Stipple" or an "all over pattern".  I wanted a WOW statement to the border and just haven't found it.  Maybe I SHOULD un-quilt the border and just stipple it or wait till a more beautiful border inspiration hits.
  The thing is.....I should have already had this quilt done a while ago and U. Eddie should already have this hanging on his wall or enjoying it's comforts and keeping him toasty on cool evenings.
  Until next time:

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  1. I get stuck when there is something I don't like but I'm not sure how to fix it. It bugs me because sometimes I don't even realize why I'm stuck until I have that aha! moment. You'll figure it out and move on.